Baby Head Crawling Protector

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Adjustable Infant Helmet

Our adjustable infant helmet keeps your little one safe while they learn to crawl or walk. Made of lightweight cotton with a shock-absorbing sponge layer, it fits babies aged 8-60 months. Shop now.

Cotton Material
Our baby helmet protective caps are lightweight and sweat-absorbent, weighing just 3 oz with a thickness of an inch. Made of cotton and high-density elastic sponge, it offers excellent protection against impact.

Protect Baby’s Head
Safety baby helmet offers most ideal protection when toddlers learning to sit, walk, crawl or play. The head cushion can effectively protect the baby during the collision and the friction caused by the bump and fall. The bumper bonnet does provide a shock absorption, impact resistance and cushioning effect, prevent or reduce injuries

Baby’s Head Better
Adjustable chin strap allows you adjust the level of tightness to fits your baby’s head better, and ensures hat stay-on right place when baby crawling, playing and walking or pulls.

Washable Helmet
Keep clean is important to the baby/toddlers, the baby helmet is washable with water and there will not be any deforming after repeated wash.